AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Explored

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AJAX Definition:

AJAX stands for "asynchronous JavaScript and XML". AJAX is a name given to a group of already existing technologies or terms( JavaScript, XML, CSS, XHTML, DOM, XMLHttpRequest ). AJAX itself is not a technology but it's a new way of using all these mentioned technologies. Web 2.0 sites often feature a rich and user-friendly interface based on AJAX.

Ajax is a cross-platform as it runs on many different operating systems, computer architectures, and web browsers.

AJAX Usage:

Bandwidth Save- One usage of AJAX could be saving of bandwidth because AJAX works on client side and reduce the load on server side.

Faster Page Load- AJAX page can load quickly as its capable to generate HTML locally in the browser.

Small Changes- AJAX is best used for making small changes and updates to a webpage, so you can avoid the traditional Form driven interaction which is slow in nature.

Dynamic Interfaces- With AJAX, one can build very dynamic web interfaces.

AJAX Tips:

1:-> Do not use much of AJAX in your website, A balance between old web technologies and AJAX is necessary. It's not advisable to make your website completely in AJAX.

2:-> If you are a provider of financial services in your website, use AJAX, for example- To display real time stock information.

3:-> Do some innovative thing in your blog or website using AJAX to attract visitors.

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