Way to success with Link Exchange- some tips

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Link Exchange
Link Exchange Definition:

Link exchange is a process of exchanging links between websites. The link could be a simple Text link, HTML link or banner link. Link exchange is one of the methods of website linking.

Link Exchange Forms:

Link exchange could be in many forms. The most popular forms are-

One way link exchange is link exchange to get incoming links without giving link in return to linking websites. One way link exchange is the best link exchange from the point of view of search engines.

Reciprocal link exchange is a link exchange between two websites. For Ex.- I have a blog A and my friend has a blog B. Now we can do a Reciprocal link Exchange by adding Blog A link to Blog B and vice versa.

Three way link exchange is a different type of Reciprocal link exchange to build search engine safe linking because normally search engines give less importance to Reciprocal link exchange.

Link Exchange Usage:

Link exchange is normally used to increase search engine rankings. Link exchange is very important in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Webmaster normally do link exchange with similar websites in order to get referral traffic and to increase website popularity.

Link Exchange Tips:

1:-> Avoid reciprocal link exchange, give more importance to three way link exchange.

2:-> One way link exchange is best in the eyes of search engines.

3:-> Never participate in paid link exchange. Search engines can penalize your website.

4:-> Write good and quality contents and other website will naturally link to your website.

5:-> To increase your Google PageRank, it's good to have some quality backlinks from websites having high Google PageRank.

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tweakwindows said...

Nice article..Does leaving comment on any site increases pagerank or backlink?

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi tweakwindows, thanks for your comment. Regarding your question Yes leaving comment on any site will increase your pagerank if that site is dofollow. With nofollow site, you will only receive backlinks which will not help you in ranking but in traffic.

tweakwindows said...

Thanks for your information..Btw, you
have a nice blog with a good PR:)

Anusha said...

sunil sir your website is really very good,i learned a lot from there...and pls do visit my website n do comment do u like it or not.
thnks bro

Anusha said...

sunil bhai how can i make n publish rss feed of my website www.punjabiking.net

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Anusha,

Please check


You can create and publish the feeds of your website.