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Saturday, June 28, 2008

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There are many webmaster looking for the ways to increase website traffic. This article will explain how to bring easy and targeted traffic to your website without much effort.

Most of the internet users are aware of the popular video sharing websites YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and AOL Video. Did you know that these websites can bring good amount of traffic to your website everyday? In the below picture, you can see the kind of huge traffic these websites generates everyday. Here I will explain the tips to get traffic from these video sharing websites.

Video Traffic
Target your visitors: The first step is to target your visitors. The contents of the video should match to your website or blog contents. If your website is a technology website, then it's good to have videos related to technology.

Quality of videos: The contents of the video should be interesting so that it become popular easily. If the videos are good and helping, People will see it again and again.

Put website URL in videos: While creating videos, you should have your website URL in the video. While watching the video, people will see the URL and will remember it.

Now it's time to upload your videos to these video sharing websites and let them do the rest. Don't forget to include your URL in the description of the video.

There are many small video sharing and video websites which pulls the data from these big websites. For ex., My website is a nature and travel related website and I uploaded 3-4 videos of say aquarium to YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and AOL Video. Now within a day or two, my videos will be pulled by many small video websites related to nature and travel. They will show your videos along with the description data you eneterd while upoloading videos.

You uploaded videos only to four major video sharing websites but your videos will be available to many small video sharing websites. What are the benifits out of it-

1: You will receive lots of free backlinks.

2: These high traffic websites are the first choice of search engines to crawl.

3: You will find many videos on these sites with good PageRank. Once your video get good Google PageRank, it's good for your website's PageRank.

You can also promote your uploaded videos using Social Networking. Video Sharing is an effective way of bringing long run traffic to your website as well as to increase your PageRank. Try it out.

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Ken said...

Hi! It's Ken here. Thanks for answering my question at yahoo answer. Really appreciate your help. I was confuse and thanks for your information that helped me get out of the maze of SEO stuffs. :)

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Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Ken,

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Website marketing said...

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Jaky Astik said...

really useful tips. thanx. keep up the good work Sunil.