16 Tips to Make Google Friendly WebPage

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google Friendly
Many publishers complain that Google does not index their pages fast or my pages do not rank high in Google or my new pages are not getting index at all. Here is the solution of all these problems. In this post, I am going to tell you 16 quick tips that will help to boost the rankings of your webpage in search engines.

  • Keep the title of webpage not too long and not too short.

  • The title of the webpage should be clean and reflect the contents of webpage.

  • Your targeted keywords should appear in the title of your webpage.

  • Keep your URL short, not too long

  • Like title, keep your targeted keywords in URL.

  • Give a proper META keywords and description tags to your webpage.

  • Always keep META description relevant to the title and contents of your webpage.

  • Avoid excessive use of keywords, also called keyword Stuffing in either title, URL or main text of your webpage. Refer the post.

  • Make sure you did not copy existing contents in your webpage. It may led to Google penalization. Always provide unique contents in your webpage.

  • Do a proper link building in your webpage. Link only with relevant WebPages or websites of yours or others.

  • Do not put too many URL's in your webpage. Normally search engine leave the page which contains too many links.

  • Keep away from any blackhat SEO technique in your webpage.

  • Optimize images used in your webpage to let your webpage load faster.

  • Add proper "alt" and "title" information to each and every image used in your webpage.
  • For Ex.- <img src="sample-img.jpg" alt = "My Sample Image" title= "Sample Image">

  • Keep less number of objects ( flash animations, video clips, music clips) in your webpage.

  • Double check your webpage for any broken link before publishing it.

There are many other factors also involved to rank high on Google. The basic purpose of this post was to tell you the way you can build a Google friendly or you can say search engine friendly Webpage. These tips are applicable to all major search engines such as Yahoo, Live search and Ask.com search. Make sure you follow all these tips before writing your next post.

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