How to Avoid Blog or Website Penalization from Google

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Every other day, I listen from webmasters that they are facing Google's penalty. Google has penalized their blog or website and now they have no idea what to do. What force Google to give penalty to your website? Here are few points you should really care if you want to avoid penalization from Google or any other search engine.

Duplicate Contents:

Duplicate content is the very first thing you should always avoid while working on your website. Keep your sharp eyes on duplicate contents in your website or across your websites. Always provide unique contents to the visitors of your website.

Link Exchange:

Link exchange is another activity, that can led your website towards Google penalization. Always stay away from excessive reciprocal Link exchange. In the eyes of Google, excessive reciprocal Link exchange is process to manipulate Google SERP.

Link buying and selling:

Link buying and selling activity can very quickly put your website in Google supplement results. Google always give advice to webmasters not to engage their self into any kind of link buying and selling activity. Link buying and selling activity can drastically reduce your Google PageRank as well as led to long term penalization in Google.

Link Farm:

Link Farm is a black hat SEO technique used to manipulate the results of search engines. You can always avoid website penalization from Google by keeping yourself away from Link farm.

Keyword stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is again a SEO technique to manipulate the search engine results by putting tons of keywords in meta tags or in contents. Google always give less importance to such websites which follow this technique. Keyword stuffing can lead your website towards penalization from Google.

Google Quality Guidelines:

This is the best way to avoid any kind of penalization from Google. You should always follow the Google's quality guidelines for webmasters. These quality guidelines from Google are-

  • Keep your website clean by avoiding hidden text or hidden links.

  • Always check for cloaking or sneaky redirects and remove them immediately.

  • Never try to send automated queries to Google.

  • Never load pages with irrelevant keywords.

  • Always avoid pages with malicious behavior (phishing or installing viruses, Trojans, or other programs that can harm the visitors).

  • Avoid website with little or no original content.

If you follow all the points mentioned in this post, you can always avoid penalization from Google or any other search engine.

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Kashif said...

Very useful tips . I hope bloggers start realizing about these facts as well . They will definitely help to save their a** in future

Art said...

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CIPL said...

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Tran Tinh said...

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