Your Blog Speaks Out Your Business

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blog can change your business
Your blog is the power of your business. Blogging is now very popular among every organization, whether you are selling some products, providing some services, doing R&D or software development. Everyone is using blogs to showcase what they are offering or what they are going to offer.

Yes, we are talking about corporate blogging. Corporate blogging is a term used for the kind of blogs published by organization to share the status of the organization with public or with the employees within the organization. Here we will talk about the blogs published for external users. Here is a question- Why blogging is so important for these organizations when they already have a dedicated website to showcase their products, services or latest updates? Well, the answer is simple.

Having a website will help you to present your organization to your related industry, while blogging will make your organization more social by taking into account the users, who are actually using your products or services. Many organizations started using blog to let users contribute to the success of their organization. Almost every Web-2.0 company has his own blog and their blog speaks out their business. A blog reach is much more than an organization's official website, because with your blog you are directly connected with your users.

Take an example of a small startup company Twitter, being a small company, their success depends more on their users. More interaction with their users will help them to provide better services to its users. They have their corporate blog for this purpose. They share daily or weekly updates about Twitter there and people leave their comments, thoughts or suggestions. That makes every user feel more close to them.

We gave an example of a small startup company, let's take an example of Google, I think, I don't need to tell anything about Google as an organization. Google has blog for almost every product or service they provide as well as a blog for the organization as a whole and these blogs provides the latest updates of their offerings.

Corporate blogging is now a part of almost every organization in any industry ranging from micro to large. So if you are going to offer a new product, service or you already providing services, don't forget to add the power of blog to your service. It's a powerful way to take your business to a new height.

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