How to Embed MP3 File in Blogger Blog Post

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes we need to embed MP3 files in order to better explain the topic of the blog post. Since Blogger does not provide you this functionality, I will explain here the way by which you can embed MP3 files along with player in your blog post.

First of all, you need to upload your mp3 file in some website. You can use any free service. You can upload this file to either GooglePages or Google Groups or any other service. Once you have your file hosted on any website, you have to copy the below code and paste in your blog post. The mp3 will be available on your post. Visitors will be able to listen it on your blog or website.

When you are done with paste, you need to do the following changes. Replace external_url with the actual URL of your mp3 file as shown below in bold.


This will display a MP3 player on your blog post. This player service is provided by Odeo. You can see it in action below.

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JTravel said...

I have tried several times to use this code -- I've never tried embedding an mp3 before -- and no luck. the player appears on my blog but it doesn't play. what do you suggest?

James L. Boucher said...

try my way:
first go to pepperoni mp3
second search for mp3 file
and then copy widget code to your site or blog.

wiyartisari said...

thank's about your posting iwill find
the widget and try to listening in my blog :)

StarFruits said...

can this player autoplay???

rahul said...

excellent work,just phenomenal,thanx 4 sharing.