Experience Infolinks - Single Dotted Line vs Double line

Friday, January 15, 2010

In my last post, I tried to put a real comparison between poor Kontera and great Infolinks ads service. In this post i will try to put here my experience with the different types of ads Infolinks provides. Infolinks provides In Text ads in two variants: Single dotted line and double line.

According to Infolinks, the double line ads will perform better than single line ads in most cases because with double line ads, they will be able to provide more relevant and premium ads. They also run a campaign "Double with a Bubble". You can check following video from Infolinks-

Talking about my experience, it was opposite of what Infolinks suggests. From the begining, i was using single dotted line in all my websites and CTR was good and i was getting fair amount of money as well. As per Infolinks suggestion, i changed single dotted line to double line and my CTR dropped from the same day. I continued it more than a week but there was no improvement. The amount I was getting in later case was less than what i was getting earlier. Then i decided to move to single dotted line again and from very next day, I saw a jump in CTR and the amout at the end of the day. The same trend is continue till now.

I am not sure what is the reason but single dotted line is working really great for me. For me, I guess, Single dotted line looks more a part of my website and does not divert the mind of my reader.

About Infolinks:

Infolinks is the highest paying In Text ads network. I would recommend every publishers to try Infolinks on their websites and I am damm sure you would not regret your decision.
The integration with your site is very fast and easy too. The Infolinks support is superb with quick response to any of your query. You can sign In to Infolinks to display ads on your site.

If you also had some experience with double vs single line ads of Infolinks, then share your experience here with everyone. That might be helpful for others deciding the ads type to display in their blogs of websites.

Happy earning with Infolinks!!


Salman said...

Just now I changed the lining style from doubled lined to single lined.Lets see the results.

Beracahvalley said...

Wow an informative blog you have.