How To Generate Viral Traffic To Your Site? Few Tips Inside

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You might have heard of the term 'viral traffic' many times and should be wondering what exactly is it all about and more importantly, how to generate one? Well, viral traffic basically is sudden burst of traffic on a site.

If you suddenly see an increase of traffic on your site, it is probably because a link of your site has suddenly become popular on Internet and people are coming from that source to your site. The source is called viral source and the traffic, viral traffic.

Viral simply means something that is quickly transferred from one (person) to another. So, it's all about reference. Someone referring stuff to another, other linking it and referring to yet another person and so on..

Viral Web Traffic

Here are some of the ways to generate viral traffic:

1. Video marketing

Make a unique and interesting video and upload it on YouTube. DO mention your website URL in either the video or in description or both. Then promote it vigorously. If the video is good, then it is likely to get viral traffic from its viewers.

2. Email Traffic

If you have an interesting message to share, which is relevant with your site, prepare a good message, add the link of your site and send it to your email list. If the content is exciting, then it whoever receives it will forward it to their friend circle and you will receive lots of traffic suddenly.

Tips for Viral Traffic to Website

3. Bum marketing -

Research and select a keyword, which is firstly, relevant to your site, is popular in search engine and has low competition. Next write a series of articles on that keyword, and submit them to top article directories like Ezine articles, digg etc. There are good chances that your article will get ranked o the first page of Google for that keyword, and once that happens, you will receive great viral traffic.

4. Social media

Off late, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are widely used for generating viral traffic. Anything worth attention, when posted on these networks, results in quick spread, thus making it viral. They are best way to spread a message of a kind.

Tips to generate Viral traffic to your website

Viral traffic is short lasting but could be very effective, if you play your cards sensibly. If you are ready for them, then you can turn the traffic in to profit in lots of ways. So, make sure that you and your sites are well prepared for it and try to maximize the profit of your site, while it lasts!

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How To Increase Your Website Sales and Grow Profits?

Friday, August 30, 2013

If you have a site, which gets most of its revenue from direct sales, then you would naturally want it to make as much sales as possible to grow your profits. If you are not getting satisfactory results, then it is necessary that you consider the following points:

1. Analyze:

First of all you need to do a proper research on what is wrong with the site. Try to find out the reason why your site is not doing well with the sales? Check you the design of the site. Is it user friendly? Do you feel good as a user, when you visit the site?

Is it easily navigable? Is your price competitive? Also check the traffic stats and find out if you are receiving targeted traffic or not. IF not, then short list the keywords for which you would like to get traffic and then make a conscious effort to promote your site with these keywords.

Increase Website Sales

2. Generating leads:

As per research, sales happen in steps. The first step is to acquire a lead. A lead is your potential client. Whenever someone comes on your site, you have to make sure that he leaves his contact information so that you can later contact him and try to sell your product to him. This could be in form of his postal address, his contact number or even his email.

You can get them by offering a freebie on your site in return of the visitor subscribing to your site. You can ask them to fill a short form for this purpose and thus gain their details. Once you have them, and then plan a sensible marketing campaign to convert these leads into sales.

Website Sales Grow Profits

3. Building reputation:

Reputation is the most important aspect of any business. If you do not have a good name, it means that the people do not trust you and therefore, its highly likely that they won’t buy the products that you are offering and wont recommend you to others.

Therefore, it’s very important that you have good relationship with your customers. This can be done by providing excellent customer and after sales service. Respect every inquiry that comes to you, try to help the visitor on your site in every possible way, create great content, which is helpful for him and in case you make a sale and the buyer has an issue with later, try to sort it out in an honest way.

How to increase website sales

All this will help you to create goodwill for your business, which will give you extremely good and stable sales results in a long run.

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Few Tips For Effective Link Building; Grow Your Site

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Though SEO gurus lay a lot of emphasis on link building, the best sites are the ones, which can acquire natural back links. You will ask that how can this happen? Well, if your site is of any use to the user and he likes it, then the chances are that he would share it with his friends. So, it may seem contradictory, but the most effective links are the ones that are never built by the webmaster, but are naturally created!

SEO Link Building
However, this is just a theory and in actual fact, every web master does try consciously to create links and to acquire quality backlinks for his site. Before you start with this process, you should understand that there are two kinds of links – internal links and external links. Internal links are the ones that are within a site and every other link outside the site an external one.

Link Building Tips

Here are some tips on how to go for building them:

1. Always link your site with a reputed site. This is true for both internal as well as external links. This will make your site look at par with them.

2. If you are promoting your site and would link to mention its link at any place, do try to include a link to reputed sites like Wikipedia, Google, Twitter etc. along with the link of your site. Multiple links looks natural and non spam and when this is done along with good and reputed sites, it also increases reputation of your site.

3. Try to avoid purchasing links as most of them are from sites of low quality and if Google discovers it, then your site is likely to get penalized by it (Tips: How to avoid site penalization by Google). However, if you desperately need link from a site, and then make sure that it is one way link and not a reciprocal one.

Link Building Strategies

4. Do check out factors like age of the site, the page rank, domain authority, out bound links etc. before trying to acquire a link from it. Do not link with site, which does not have enough substance.

Last but not the least, it's better to concentrate on improve the quality of your site than trying to get lots of links for it. This way, you will gradually be able to make a name for your site on Internet and this will help it in automatically acquire great back links.

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