10 Ways to Get Referral Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Referral traffic is the traffic that drives towards your blog or website from other blogs and websites. Referral traffic for a blog or website is as important as search engine traffic. In this post, i will explain ten simple ways to get referral traffic to your blog.

Yahoo Answer:

Participate in Yahoo Answer. Yahoo Answer is a large community where people ask and respond to other's questions. It's a good platform to share your blog post by answering the related questions and putting your blog post link.

Linkedin Answer:

Linkedin Answer is the same as Yahoo Answer. Linkedin is a large community for professionals and it has millions of user's across the world. Very recently, it crossed 1 million mark in India.

Digg :

Digg is a very popular social bookmarking sites which has millions of users. Digging your blog post will bring huge traffic to your blog or website.
Note: Digging self post if not a good practice.


StumbleUpon is a very popular website where you can rank a perticular website based on your interest and preference. Do a StumbleUpon on your blog post and it will return you huge traffic.


MyBlogLog is a Yahoo community service that let you register and share your blog and websites, create new community. You can add your blog or website RSS feed. When your blog will update, latest postes will be visible to the people in your MyBlogLog community.

Zimbio Wikizines:

Zimbio is a very popular service for publishing the articles. Zimbio has different wikizines. You can register your blog and then publish your blog post to related wikizine and if no related wikizine is available, you can create your own wikizine and then publish your post in it.


Technorati is a very big platform to showcase your blog. Technorati gives ranking to your blog or website based on the authority. More authorities you have, more your blog will be popular and rank high. Once you are registered with Technorati, you can ping it when you update your blog. You can get good traffic from here.

Blog Comments:

Blog commenting is still the most effective way to get referral traffic to your blog or website. You can leave your comments to other related blogs and people will flow to your blog if the comment is interesting and related.
Note: Do not SPAM, put related comments that makes sense

Forum Signatures and Posting:

You can register in a related forum and can create your signature. Signature will contain the link to your blog. More you will post, more you will receive backlinks and more chances to get good traffic to your blog as well as good Google PageRank if signature links are not no-follow.

Article Submission:

Submit your article to artcile directories like ezinearticles or other article directories. Article submission will bring will bring good traffic to your blog or website.

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Kamal Mettananda said...

Some of these are familiar ones, but some are new to me. Thanks for sharing all with us.

Geek said...

Hi Sunil,

Just wondering if Digging self posts is avoidable then why not the other similar activities: Stumbling, Submitting to ezine, etc.

I've started blogging only recently and never really cared for the SEO so far. I was focused only on content building and if you don't mind then please see my blog and let me know what all is missing there from SEO perspective. Plz mail me the review comments. TIA.

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Geek,

I went to your blog and found it really good, you have done it really well, the ads are blend. I am not sure if ads just below the title of your post can create some problem for you.

Digging self post is not good and same for other services like stubmleUpon, Yahoo! buzz and more. Submitting to Ezine is different, there you submit an article to promote your website, not the article of your website, but unique and different.

For your blog, i would suggest you to keep writing good and unique contents and read my post 16 Tips to Make Google Friendly WebPage

Thanks for your comment.

gruh said...

You can always use traffic boosters. They are software with limited(alexa booster) or no

installation(increasesiterating) both relay on increasing the numbers of the total page visits and unique

page views

esctoday said...

Just found this free web seo tool well defined and easy to work around.


The web statistics tool (very powerfull) is an intresting tool that helped me to improve my ranking.

Afsoun_VCC308_Journals said...

I started participating in 2 forums and gave really useful feedback but placed a link to my site. Our referral traffic increased four times.
BUT this morning as I realized that many of my posts were deleted and in the ones left my links were removed. I'm not a spammer! I participate like everyone else and contribute to the forum. And my link is not a spam it's a private college. Any tips for me to get more referral links or avoid being removed?

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Afsoun,

I think you should wait for sometime. Sometimes Google does it but the pages get back in few days.

If it's not penalization, then it will sure come back, else you can stop putting link there.


Afsoun_VCC308_Journals said...

so are you saying that the links will re-appear in few days? Why does Google remove them and why does it decide to bring them back? I thought it was the forum's admin who deleted the links..

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Understanding Google's behaviour is extremelly difficult.

You can always check your links in forum pages if it's not deleted by Admin.

Afsoun_VCC308_Journals said...

SO i guess my links were deleted by Admin because i can't see them :(

how do you avoid that from happening?

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

In that case, i think you should communicate with the Forum's Admin. Tell him that you are not a spammer and genuine visitor of the forum.