How to Add Yahoo! Buzz to Your Website to Get Huge Traffic

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recently Yahoo! Buzz from Yahoo Inc. opened for everyone. Yahoo! Buzz can be a good choice for all webmasters looking for new ways to increase their website traffic. The nature of Yahoo! buzz is pretty much similar to Digg, but the reach of Yahoo! is much more than any other website. In this post, I will explain how to add Yahoo! buzz to your website.

Yahoo! provides buttons for a publisher who wants to be a part of Yahoo! buzz. These buttons are pretty much similar to other social bookmarking buttons such as Digg it button, delicious button or Slashdot button. Yahoo! buzz provides you more than 14 types of buttons ranging from smaller to large in size to suit with the style of your website. You can get the button code of your choice from You can see two Yahoo! buzz buttons on the left side with their code on the right side in the image below.

Sample Yahoo! Buzz Button I would recommend a button which provide all of these functionalities given below.

  • Provide a story’s headline upon submission.( yahooBuzzArticleHeadline )

  • Provide a story’s summary upon submission.( yahooBuzzArticleSummary )

  • Provide a story’s category upon submission.( yahooBuzzArticleCategory )

  • Provide a story’s media type upon submission(yahooBuzzArticleType )

  • Automatically pull the URL associated with the page where the button lives upon submission.( yahooBuzzArticleType )
The code for this button is given below. Just copy and paste it to your website after changing the above options according to your need.

yahooBuzzArticleHeadline is your story headline.

yahooBuzzArticleSummary is your story summary.

yahooBuzzArticleCategory is your story category in which you want it to submit. The possible categories are- business, entertainment, health, images, lifestyle, politics, science, sports, travel, usnews, video, world-news

yahooBuzzArticleType is the media type of the story. The possible media types are- text, image, video

yahooBuzzArticleId is the URL of the story.

If you have a blog, you want to add Yahoo! buzz button to each blog post. You can follow my post Tips To Add Digg This Button to Every Post in Blogger. You just need to place Yahoo! buzz script given above in place of Digg script. Blogger blogs can use any customized scripts given below. First one will create a large button with vote count and second one will have all the options as discussed earlier.

Yahoo! Buzz can bring huge traffic to your website, if your story gets a chance to appear on Yahoo! main page.

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Yoko said...

Good info. Thanks for sharing.

tweakwindows said...

I can't find that post footer in my
itheme templete? What to do?

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Tweakwindows, can you share your template with me? Just send it to me on my mail id and i will take a look of it. It's too hard to say anything without seeing your template.

tweakwindows said...

Thanks Sunil Kumar.Finally, I managed to get it.Still I have a problem.How to place too many buttons(say if you have) side by side, without wasting much place. I hope you got my point.Anyways, thanks for your information.You can look in my blog to get that question.

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Tweakwindows,

Why don't you put both AddThis and Digg in the same <div> like this.


addThis Script



This will remove the gap you have between two buttons. Right now you are putting both addthis and digg into seperate div.

Hope that solves your problem.


tweakwindows said...

Thanks..I will try it..By the way, I could find your ID in your blog.

Sunil Kumar Gupta said...

Hi Tweakwindows, I did not get you. Which ID you are talking about?