How to Report a Website or Blog to Google

Sunday, August 17, 2008

SPAM Copy Adsense
Is your website being copied? Did you see SPAM results in Google search? Did you see a blog or website that is violating the Google AdSense Terms of service (TOS)? If you are looking for the ways to contact Google in order to report any of these problems listed above then this post will help you.
In this post, I will explain several possible ways to contact Google to report a website or blog.

Google Search Results: If you want to report a website to Google, which is appearing in Google search results against a search keyword and that website is having serios problems such as Hidden text or links, Misleading or repeated words, Page does not match Google's description, Cloaked page, Deceptive redirects, Doorway pages, Duplicate site or pages or any other problem. You have two ways to report such website to Google.

  • Authenticated Form in Google Webmaster. It requires Google account. You need to login into Google webmaster in order to report for a blog or website.

  • unauthenticated form. You don't require Google account. You can report a website to Google.
Below image can give you an idea of the information you need to fill in order to report a website to Google.

SPAM report Google Your report will help Google to improve search results.

Copyright violation: As I wrote earlier, if someone is stealing your copyright contents, you can always submit notice to Google to remove that site from their search index. Such complaint comes under Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can read here more about how to file a DCMA complaint against a website.

SPAM Blog Reporting to Blogger: If you want to report a SPAM blog to Google, You can report it from You need to enter the SPAM blog URL as shown in the image below.


You can also report SPAM blog with the help of Blogger navigation bar with every Blogger blog. See the image below to know how to report SPAM blog. Many bloggers hide this default navigation bar. For such blogs, earlier method of reporting can be used.

Blogger Flag Blog
Google AdSense Policy Violation: If you notice a website or blog which is violating the Google TOS. You can always report to Google AdSense team. There are two ways to achieve that.
You can always report AdSense policy violation to Google from the site itself, where Google ads are being displayed. See the below image for the process of doing this.

Report to Adsense As shown in above image, when you click on Ads by Google link in any AdSense unit being displayed. It will take you to a new webpage. From this webpage, you can send a policy violation report to Google. Follow the image below to check this webpage.

Report to Google

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Nick Upton said...

Thanks, just the information I needed to report a website. said...

thanks for the info.. I am in much tension , one of my compititor is publishing my feed content and I have submitted spam report to google but don;t know how much time will google take to act.

Al said...

Thanks, my issue is a strange one. It seems like a whole lot of sites have spidered my site and then posted the details onto their pages. Needless to say they are not using any of my links on their sites.
I searched for Isibongo perfume (isibongo being my url) on Google and came up with their sites. It may pay us all to do a search like this for their sites.
If I am correct, not only do we loose sales but we may be down graded in the search engines for being associated to these sites.

googleisspyingonyou said...

this page is outdated ther's no

"unauthenticated form. You don't require Google account. You can report a website to Google."

you'll need o login in order to contact google.

Google is EVIL and want to konow everything about us in order to sell it to advertisers.
Are you google free ?

Robin Yexil said...

I need a help.. Someone posted my friend no as a comment in a post in one of the adult blog.. how to report to remove that comment. there is no contact information on the blog. plz rply me soon

Mobile Geek said...


Why don't you just remove that comment from your blog rather than report it.